Seeing the dreamy expressions of my clients, ecstatic at the beauties of my city, fills me with joy, and knowing that I contribute to this new knowledge is the greatest satisfaction for me.

A little about me…

I was born in Rome in 1984 before moving a few years later to Castel Gandolfo with my family, where I spent my childhood and adolescence surrounded by the natural and artistic beauty of the territory of the ‘Roman castles’. During my high school studies I discovered an innate predisposition toward humanistic subjects, especially to History of Art. The pleasure of always learning more about these artists and works led me to further pursue studies in this field at university. In this same period I took advantage of the Erasmus scholarship, allowing me to live for six months in Seville, Spain. After graduating with honors in History of Art, I began collaborating with various cultural associations in Rome for which I designed tour routes and conducted guided tours for groups of adults and children. Later I chose to live several months in England where I joined the contemporary art gallery Onca in Brighton and the Roman Circus Centre in Colchester.
In 2015, once I was qualified as a Tourist Guide of Rome and Province, I started working with tourists from all over the world, including groups of Italians eager to discover the wonders of our territory. Since 2020 I am an official Guide of Andalusia, where I always like to return during the low season in Rome, to guideshow the most characteristic monuments of what was the ancient Baetica, one of the Roman provinces of the Iberian Peninsula. I deeply love my work, to see the dreamy expressions of my clients in ecstasy in front of the beauties of my city fills me with joy, and to know that I contribute to this new knowledge is for me the greatest satisfaction.

Languages spoken

I am fluent in the following languages:


Authorised guide of Rome and Province
Official guide of Andalucia

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