Piazzas of Rome

The most famous Squares of the city

A stroll through the little streets of the historical centre to discover the most famous squares of the city, decorated with sparkling fountains, monumental baroque palaces and churches with expressive facades, the result of the genius of the greatest architects of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Piazza di Spagna and the Church of Trinita dei Monti

Our tour starts at the most elegant and refined square in the city: Piazza di Spagna. Dominated by 138 steps of the famous stairway interspersed with ramps and terraces, a cascade of marble directs the gaze toward the imposing church of Trinita dei Monti with it’s twin bell towers

Trevi Fountain

We will then head to the picturesque Trevi Fountain. Inaugurated in 1740 this monument was built to showcase the rebuilding of the ancient Vergine aqueduct. The fountain is a marvellous combination of both classical and baroque styles, where every year millions of tourists launch the inevitable coin, hoping to visit the Eternal City and it’s masterpieces once more.

Piazza della Rotonda and the Pantheon

An unmissable stop on this tour is the Piazza della Rotonda, dominated by the imposing bulk of the Pantheon, the city’s best preserved ancient monument. The building was converted into a church in 609 but was originally a temple constructed under Augustus dedicated to all the pagan gods, its current appearance however is the work of the Emperor Hadrian, who added the impressive dome. Our tour finishes up at Piazza Navona, the artistic and political arena of the 17th century, it became the place where two great masters of Roman Baroque architecture flexed their muscles and put their skills to the test: Gian Lorenzo Bernini, author of the Fountain of the Four Rivers, and Francesco Borromini, the architect of the nearby Church of St Agnes in Agony.

Don’t Forget

During the months of July and August we suggest doing the tour in the late afternoon

  • Certified guides
  • Help and assistance
  • Personalised tour
  • There are no entrance tickets required for this tour
  • Tour runs every day of the week
  • We suggest comfortable clothing and footwear


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