The Archeological site of the Circus Maximus

Ludi Circenses

Recently opened, the archaeological site of Circus Maximus offers the opportunity to appreciate different aspects of the “ludi circenses”, the games, particularly loved by the romans, which animated the entire structure and marked a substantial part of the daily life of citizens. The route inside the excavations allows you to retrace the long history of the Valle Murcia, a flat area, about 600 meters long, located between the important Aventine and Palatine hills.

The chariot races

Since the protohistoric era the size of the Murcia valley has resulted in it being selected as the site of ancient cults, and subsequently as a privileged place for various events such as religious and triumphal processions but also hunts of exotic animals and chariot races. During the guided tour as well as understanding the architectural structures that formed the Circus, we explore the racing world, discovering who the charioteers “aurighi” were, how the races developed, and how high the cost was for those who had to amuse and surprise the audience by driving very light vehicles at very high speed.

Arch of Titus

It will also be fascinating to visit the remains of the famous Arch of Titus, a fundamental landmark for the triumphal route of victorious generals, who after passing underneath the central archway headed towards the Roman Forum to conclude the procession on the Capitoline hill. This will be an exciting and evocative journey, which outlines the life of the Circus Maximus as the home of the greatest sport of all time, it’s grandeur to be admired from the Torre della Moletta.

Don’t Forget

The site is accessible to those with disabilities or mobility issues.

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