The Origins of Rome

The Colosseum

This tour offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in the heart of Rome, in a site that in 2015 saw the arrival of over six million visitors, counting as the second most visited archaeological site in the world. We will retrace the history of the Colosseum, a symbol of imperial power, built between 72 and 80 AD as a place of entertainment for the romans and propaganda image for the Flavian dynasty.

The Palatine Hill

After discovering the complex system of the Colosseum and understanding the type of games that animated it, we will head with wonder to the most important hill in Rome: the Palatine. Here between myth and legend we will discover the birth of the city, following the footsteps of Romulus and of the Capitoline she-wolf, who saved the life of the twins right at the foot of the hill.

The Roman Forum

Heading down to the large square of the Roman Forum, we will like feel witnesses of history. The forum includes the vestiges of emperors and oratories, evokes memories of wars and battles. We will delineate a story that runs for over 2000 years but still has the capacity to invoke emotions with the sheer force of it’s history. The ruins, although now a skeleton of what they once were, still transmit a strong feeling of admiration and amazement, fully confirming Goethe’s words: “When considering an existence like that of Rome, more than two thousand years old and more, and it is thought that it is still the same soil, the same hill, often even the same columns and walls, and you see in the people traces of the ancient character, you feel interpenetrated by the great decrees of destiny.“

Don’t Forget

From October to February the Colosseum and the Roman Forum close at 4.30 pm with last entry one hour before closing time. It is possible to book tickets online with an additional cost of € 2.00.

  • Certified Guide
  • Complete Assistance
  • Personalised Tour
  • Entrance Tickets: €18
  • Concessions: €4
  • Free entrance for those under 18 (tickets must be collected at the ticket booths)


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