Mysterious Rome among ghost and legends

A journey through Mysterious Rome that aims to entertain with ghost stories and at the same time arouse curiosity with anecdotes and curiosities of our city!

Beatrice Cenci and Ponte Square

Our walk will start from Castel Sant’Angelo and its marvellous bridge, in front of which “exemplary executions” took place. It is no coincidence that we will delve into the story of Rome’s most famous ghost, the young Beatrice Cenci, who was beheaded in 1599 on this very spot.

Piazza Navona and its ghosts

Next, we will head to Piazza Navona, the ideal place to discover the stories of two other women: Olimpia Maidalchini and Costanza Conti de Cupis. Their ghosts are said to haunt this very area, in the gloom of the stately palaces and inside the carriages of fire.

Campo de Fiori

We will end our walk in the streets surrounding Campo De Fiori to talk about the execution of Giordano Bruno and the curious story of Giuseppe Balsamo, known as the Count of Cagliostro, but also of his wife Lorenza Feliciani, whose ghost still haunts the alley of the grottoes!

Don’t Forget

It is possible to visit the interior of the churches during opening hours and during liturgical celebrations.

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