Tusco-trekking: discovering the Archeological site of Tusculum

A unique combination of art and nature

A visit that combines the pleasure of trekking with the possibility to retrace the history of Tusculum, one of the most ancient and important cities of Latium Vetus, through the reading of its archaeological remains which have intrigued and fascinated scholars through the ages..

From the Via dei Sepolcri to the “Villa di Tiberio”

The visit will start from the ancient Via dei Sepolcri, the main access road to Tusculum in Roman times, where we will discover the remains of two tombs that will allow us to better understand the funerary rites used in antiquity. Through truly unique views of the landscape we will enjoy the richness of the Albani hills and their special conformation until we reach the remains of the so-called Villa di Tiberio with its majestic structures, the most imposing ever found, with which we will interpret the constructive phases and functions.

Last excavations and visit to the archaeological site

We will also visit the latest excavations brought to light by the archaeologists of the Spanish School of History and Archaeology of Rome, located a few metres from the entrance to the archaeological area, and then we will enter the city’s forum until we reach the spectacular theatre, the oldest in Lazio.

This is an exciting journey that aims to reconstruct the phases of development of an extraordinary city with a unique history whose fame has spanned the centuries. Attracting the interest of illustrious members of the Roman aristocracy who resided in its territories it was also much loved by the popes, until it was exchanged by Frederick Barbarossa’s son Eugenius VI to secure his coronation as emperor, an act that would sanction its final destruction by the Romans in 1191.

Don’t Forget

It is necessary to wear comfortable clothes and bring water bottles to use during the walk.

  • Certified guide
  • Full assistance
  • Personalised tour
  • Full entrance to the archaeological site: 3 euros


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