Discovering Bernini

Bernini and Baroque

This tour offers visitors the opportunity to appreciate one of the most important artists of the 17th century: Gian Lorenzo Bernini. His revolution lies in his extraordinary virtuosity, he works marble as if he were painting, distorting any form of rigidity, nobody remains immune to this new vision. A new wind begins to shake squares, churches, popes, patrons and religious orders.

From the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa to the Palace of Montecitorio

The tour will start from the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria where we will admire the sculptural group of Santa Teresa d ‘Avila, directly inspired by the mystical story of Teresa. The second stop will be the church of Santa Andrea al Quirinale, the only construction conceived, designed and executed entirely by the great master which makes it the undisputed model of elegance and harmony. We will then talk about the majestic Palazzo Barberini, a construction site that sees the two protagonists of Roman baroque work side by side: Berniniand Borromini. After high lighting the differences but also similarities, we will proceed to Montecitorio where the artistic freedom of Gian Lorenzo involves a civil palace, making it absolutely unique.

The Fountain of the Four Rivers and the explosion of nature

The tour will end in Piazza Navona, dominated by the extraordinary Fountain of the Four Rivers, where the artist highlights his technical skills through the creation, in the center of the city, of a grotto magically animated with exotic creatures capable of arousing admiration and amazement still today. This tour is an exciting and evocative route that will help us understand the words of Paolo V Borghese: “we hope this youngster will become the Michelangelo of his century”, fortunately for him, and us, Gian Lorenzo Bernini did not disappoint.

Don’t Forget

All of our tours are personalised but can only be run in respect to the opening hours of the churches and liturgical celebrations in progress.

  • Certified Guide
  • Complete Assistance
  • Personalised Tour
  • There are no entrance tickets required for this tour
  • It is requested to cover shoulders and knees in line with regulations of holy places


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